Seventh International Conference on Atomic and Molecular Data and Their Applications (ICAMDATA 2010)

ICAMDATA 2010 continues the series of international conferences since 1997 that promotes the use of atomic and molecular (AM) data in various fields of science and technology, and provides a forum for interaction of AM data producers and users. The conference will cover topics like:


I. Application and needs of atomic and molecular data:

·          Astrophysics and atmospheric physics

·          Inertial and magnetic fusion

·          Low and high temperature laboratory plasma and industrial plasmas

·          Lighting sciences and technology

·          Biomedicine and biophysics

·          Combustion and environmental sciences and technology

·          Surface physics, gaseous electronics, solid state optics and spectroscopy, optoelectronics, etc.

II. Atomic and molecular data production:

·           Data collection, assessment, exchange and dissemination

·          Standardization of data formats

·          AM databases, activities of data centers.

        III. Experimental and theoretical methods for atomic and molecular data  generation

·          Atomic and molecular structure, spectroscopy and radiative processes

·          Electron collisions with atoms and molecules

·          Heavy particle collisions

·          Particle - surface interactions.