Gediminas Gaigalas

Vilnius University Research Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy, A.Gostauto 12, LT-01108 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +370 (2) 612723, Fax: +370 (2) 225361,

Chief Research Fellow at the Atomic Theory Department of the Vilnius University Research Institute of the Theoretical Physics and Astronomy


Head of the Chair at the General Physics Department of the Vilnius Pedagogical University

Gediminas Gaigalas

Graduated from Vilnius University in 1982.
Doctor of natural sciences (Physics) 1989.
Dr. Habil. of natural sciences (Physics) 2001.

Field of the Research:

Atomic Physics (Theoretical)

Areas of the Research:

Many Body Theory of Atoms. Correlation Effects in Complex Atoms and Ions. Spin-Angular Integration for Studies of Many-Electrons Atoms and Ions.

Pedagogical activity:

Lectures for students of Vilnius Pedagogical University ( Departmen of General Physics) in the field of the Theory of Atom and Nuclei.

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